Final Post

This past month has allowed me to do a significant amount of brainstorming that I am very excited to try and implement into a classroom setting. Pertaining to blended learning situations there are many, many different paths you can take to provide a fun and effective learning environment. The distance learning I am involved in right now is very limited in it’s use of technology, which could be great in the sense that I can pioneer the path for the school in bringing new technology ideas to the classroom. There is so much more to learn, I feel like I have only just scratched the surface. Already, I am planning on reading two books mentioned on the #tlap twitter chat over the summer. Technology advances so quickly and students all have their own unique way of learning. I have entered into a field of constant growth and change, which I am excited about but also slightly intimidated. Keeping up with the changes and adapting to new students every year will definitely be a challenge.

This situation of constant flux is exactly why my research should be shared with others. At the very least it can be a stepping-stone for someone else. All of the research that I have come across emphasizes the differences in students’ learning and that should be the focus for what types of technology gets implemented because the technology needs to be versatile to be effective. Continued research should include implementing studies showing how students learn most effectively and providing options for this in hybrid school programs. Creating access might be the biggest challenge in some of these environments. Luckily most everyone in today’s world has access to the Internet, so using that as a platform can make continuity between the classroom and the home relatively seamless.

I have chosen to take a risk with the last part of this project and I hope it will pay off. I want to implement one of my ideas and am going to create a post on Reddit to see what kind of feedback I get. It’s an idea that developed at the beginning of this course and I have continued to get feedback from students, parents, and teachers. I ran the idea by an administrator at my school and she thinks it’s a great idea. My brother and I are both teaching 12th grade this coming year. Both of our classes will be reading intensive (I’m covering British Literature and he is teaching Philosophy/Apologetics). We are going to create a private subreddit for the 12th grade class to post their thoughts and writings and get feedback from their classmates and teachers (we are going to create some sort of contest involving comments and upvotes). The classes will then post on a public subreddit that pertains to whatever topic the assignment involves (for my class /r/literature or /r/askliterarystudies). This will allow them to get feedback from the Reddit global community. My intention is to motivate the students to put fothr their best work and publish it in an arena where they can get feedback from all types of people including their peers. However, before I set this up I am going to post on /r/teaching explaining my idea and see what kind of feedback I receive. That is how I plan to share my research; not by showing the path I’ve taken through this class, but how I am going to implement my research into my own classes. Here is a basic grading rubric for this Genius Hour project.

Final Post

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