Genius Hour Post #4

For this post I decided it would be good to get perspective from a parent, two students, and a fellow hybrid schoolteacher. Lucky me, they’re all in my family. I began with interviewing my mom and gaining her perspective on her likes/dislikes of the hybrid system. She said that she really enjoyed getting to spend more time with her kids as well as building family unity because we aren’t spread too think like we were when me and the older 3 kids were in traditional school. Her least favorite part was that it’s made it a bit harder for her to get house chores done with the boys at home more. Laundry, grocery shopping, and any other errands she has to run when the boys are in school on Tuesday and Thursday. She did mention that the benefits outweigh any inconveniences. One thing she hopes the program for the upcoming year will provide, is the ability to further tailor the difficulty of the curriculum to each of the boys. They are both smart cookies. She hopes that the school continues to build their community so that anyone who wants to be apart of the hybrid program will have the option.

I then spoke to my two youngest brothers, Zachary and Michael. Zachary is a rising 7th grader and is very bright although easily distracted. He mentioned that his favorite aspect of hybrid schooling was not having homework on school days to do but that his least favorite part is that he gets distracted on the homeschool days. Staying focused can be hard for a 12 year old but he does his best. Zachary has developed a lot of good friendships but one thing he would like to see in the future is the development of sports teams so he can interact with his classmates more.

My other brother, Michael, is a rising freshman. Even though he’s entering into high school where he will be in class 3 days per week rather than 2, his primary focus is spending time with his classmates and having an active social life. He likes being able to structure his time and school work the way he wants on the homeschool days. Unlike Zachary, Michael is very focused which allows him ample time during the week to focus on his passion for soccer. Michael wants to not only attain excellence in academics but he also wants to be a professional athlete. Many high level athletes are homeschooled for the same reason Michael enjoys the hybrid school program, because it allows them to schedule their school around their training. Both of the boys want to finish out their K-12 career in the hybrid school program.

Last but not least I interviewed my brother Alex who teaches with me at the same school my brother’s attend. Alex is a high school English teacher as well as the designated carpool guy. He gets to spend a lot of time with students from the lower school and high school and he loves his job. Like me, Alex thinks that the hybrid program is exceptional in that it takes education and puts some of the power back into the hands of the parents. It’s an environment that encourages family unity as well as strives to provide a high level of education. Both of us hope that we can bring a young, impassioned approach to teaching that will motivate the students to preform at a high level and grow to love learning. I’ve been keeping Alex in the loop with things I’ve discovered through this class and we are hoping to do some collaborative learning between our English classes whether through blogging , or student mentors or some other form of cross-class interaction to give students more varieties of peer feedback.

Genius Hour Post #4

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