Genius Hour Post #2

After going through the different genius hour proposals I have found a few that relate to my topic in a general sense. Some of the students want to understand how authentic learning can occur outside the traditional schooling arena. Others are exploring the ways that technology can engage, excite, and encourage students to be passionate about learning, which is essential in a hybrid school program. One student also mentioned studying parent/teacher communication and how it affects student performance.

Tackling twitter has been quite an adventure this weeks considering I have extremely limited tweeting experience. I have to say that participating in my first ever twitter chat was very intimidating. It took me a minute to get the hang of it because the chat I was a part of moved VERY quickly. I chose the Monday night witter chat #tlap because it stood for “Teach like a Pirate”…which I now aspire to do. I felt like I hit the jackpot because the topic of the night was a book written by Matt Miller titled “Ditch that Textbook: Free Your Teaching and Revolutionize Your Classroom.” Considering part of our hybrid-schooling curriculum requires I effectively teach students from a distance and not teach face to face out of a textbook, this was a great topic to engage in. Many people had great sayings, ideas, and examples of how they have transformed their teaching styles, bringing them further into the 21st century. There were seven questions asked during the hour-long session that had hundreds and hundreds of responses. I did my best to favorite and retweet ones I was inspired by if anyone wants to check those out on my twitter @AndraSJBA. The questions were as follows:

Q1: Students want to see themselves reflected in our classes. How can we make instruction/learning more personal?

Q2: We’re good at asking the right questions. What questions are relevant to our students’ lives that we aren’t asking enough?

Q3: Businesses put customers first. How can we adapt that mentality to better serve and engage our students?

Q4: Every day, we’re depositing or withdrawing from “relationship bank accounts” with our students. How can we keep the balance right?

Q5: Dale Carnegie teaches to admit our own mistakes first in “How to Win Friends…”. How can we, and why is this important?

Q6: We have more access to global perspective than ever before with technology. How can we make our classes more global?

Q 7:What are your top mindsets/attitudes for innovative, empowering classrooms?

I left the chat feeling invigorated. If I ask those questions to myself before every school year, it will make me a better teacher. Later that evening I created a Google form and sent a survey to my students asking them to give me feedback on 1) the best way they think they learn and 2) What online technology do they think would best fit into a hybrid school platform. I’ve already gotten responses from half the class and plan on polling parents as well, later on this week. I also plan on reading Matt Miller’s book this summer. Any who feel inspired to do so, here is the link:

For those of you wanting to follow fellow education aficionados on twitter you can follow Matt Miller @jmattmiller and Dave Burgess @burgessdave who is the lead moderator for the #tlap twitter chats. I’m looking forward to participating further in the #tlap group to gather more helpful tips on how to bring a fresh approach to hybrid schooling and my classroom.

Genius Hour Post #2

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