Genius Hour Topic

My question for the Genius Hour project is, “What is the best way to facilitate collaborative learning in a hybrid school program?” For the past four years, my younger siblings have been involved in hybrid schooling. From kindergarten to high school graduation, I received a strictly private school education, along with my two younger siblings. After experiencing some difficulties in the total formation aspect of parochial schooling, my parents decided to place my two youngest siblings in a hybrid schooling program at St. John Bosco Academy to see if the hybrid system would greater benefit their overall formation. I now teach at this school and would like to make a greater impact by implementing a higher degree of technology during homeschool days. In doing so, I hope that students can still interact with each other and feel like part of a classroom setting, even though they’re at home.

Due to the increased interest in the school’s success and these type of programs, the school is growing very rapidly. I believe it is important to present both students and parents with the innovative technology and out of the box thinking and learning that St. John Bosco can provide. Incorporating different applications and websites such as Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, Reddit, Prezi, etc., can appeal to students across a broad spectrum giving them the opportunity to express their ideas in a multitude of ways. This kind of innovative new learning will hopefully keep students passionate and engaged in the learning process.

In my preliminary research, I’ve come across some schools in the United States that have experimented with hybrid systems. I plan on using past research, as well as research of my own, in questioning students and parents at St. John Bosco Academy to gain some insight into their thoughts of how they would like to see schooling progress in the hybrid schooling system. The following are a few Twitter handles for researchers and teachers that have investigated / used hybrid schooling methodologies.

  • Colleen Worrell @cdworrell
  • Aaron Doering @chasingseals
  • George Veletsianos @veletsianos
  • Rich Kiker @rikiker

You can also explore hashtags (#hybridschool #hybridclass #hybridlearning) to stay up to date on the hybrid school movement throughout the country, and even the world.

Genius Hour Topic

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